Heroes of Holiness

We honor those, both living and deceased, who have made important
contributions to, or have had significant influence on the work of the Interchurch Holiness Convention.

Wilma Albright

The daughter of the late Wayne and Beulah Montgomery, she joined her family in committing her life to the spreading of holiness by way of the printed page. As president of Country Pines, she was responsible for printing so many publications, including the Convention Herald. (Home-going January 2016)

Bence C. Miller

President of God’s Bible School, Bence Miller left a mark on a generation of young people. A capable preacher, he was also known for successful pastorates and mission work. (Home-going April 2016)

John F. White

Church planter and evangelist, John White will long be remembered for his concise and effective preaching in camp meetings and revivals across the nation. (Home-going July 2016)

Marshall Smart

Known for his fervent and fiery preaching, Marshall Smart had no equal behind the pulpit. He was known for his love for people and his effectiveness to win many souls to Christ. (Home-going: September 2016)

Alvie Jarratt

Faithful minister and leader in the Bible Missionary Church, Alvie Jarratt of Sherrard, Illinois had a powerful influence on his church and movement. (Home-going September 2016)

Archie Coons

Known for his music ministry at Hobe Sound Bible College and God’s Bible School, Archie Coons often was at the keyboard in early IHC’s. He directed the music for IHC for many years. His anointed music ministry has left a mark on a generation of holiness people. (Home-going: September 2016)

Barry Mander

A holiness leader in Northern Ireland, Barry Mander not only represented the cause, but lived the life. His faithful influence among the Independent Methodist Churches will long follow him. (Home-going May 2016)

Spencer Johnson

Rugged evangelist, church leader and church planter, Spencer Johnson will be known for his faithfulness to the cause of Christ and to wave a red lantern of warning of eternity before every listener. (Home-going: November 2016)

Lewis Smith

Lewis Smith was a soldier for his nation and a soldier of the cross! Instrumental in years of pastoral and mission work, especially in Frankfort, Indiana, He had a passion for souls and a fervent prayer life. To his dying day, at age 91, Rev. Smith could be counted on at camp meetings, IHC’s and revival meetings. (Home-going: December 2016)

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