Holiness: Alive and Spreading in PNG!

September 10, 2018 // 2018 // Issue 5+Convention Herald

By James Plank

General Secretary James Plank was invited, on behalf of IHC, to speak in special services marking the 70th Anniversary of G.T. Bustin’s first missionary journey into Papua New Guinea, resulting in what is Papua New Guinea Bible Church today. The Bustin family was used mightily of God to establish a strong holiness church in the country. Many others joined in the establishment of mission stations, Bible schools and churches across the nation. What you see today is a strong group of young men and women who are committing to the way of holiness. It is an exciting day for Papua New Guinea. The Holiness Camp in Pabarabuk was blessed of God with thousands of souls seeking God. 

 While there are several holiness groups working in the country, the Papua New Guinea Bible Church represents the largest of these groups and has stood strong for the doctrine and standards of holiness. 

The people of PNG Bible Church have a strong desire to sponsor a Papua New Guinea InterChurch Holiness Convention in their country and plans are being made. The vision they have for this convention will make it the largest IHC in the world. Dayton USA will likely take 2nd place in size. The effort will depend on the prayers of God’s people and the financial backing of the IHC family. We need some serious and generous contributions (the small donations and the large make it possible) to fund the Papua New Guinea IHC. Please mail a donation marked “PNG IHC” to:

Interchurch Holiness Convention

18931 Route 522

Beaver Springs, PA 17812

Phone: 570-658-1030