March 11

March 11, 2019 // Devotional+Holiness in High Country

Read: Acts 10:1-6, 33-35, 44-47

The Jewish believers… were absolutely amazed that the gist of the Holy Spirit was being poured out on Gentiles also (Acts 10:44, Phillips).

Pentecost For The Gentiles

We must be careful that we do not confine the work of the Holy Spirit to our own preconceived processes and places. As faithful, thoughtful Christians we must do our best to understand how God works, and under what conditions. But God is always greater than our understanding of Him.

Was the gift of the Holy Spirit a second work of grace for Cornelius? We should not be dogmatic where there is room for disagreement. But let us look at these facts. Cornelius was a devout man and he showed a Christian attitude in his consideration for the needy. He was faithful in prayer and he fasted as he prayed (v. 30). His spiritual life was pleasing to God and he willingly walked in all the light that came to him.

But was he a Christian? He had not been baptized, and Peter’s sermon to him (vv. 34-43) dealt with the basic gospel message of salvation through Christ. These facts would lead us to believe that Cornelius and his household were simply unusual gentiles who had given up idolatry, but who had not yet heard of Jesus, the Saviour. However, consider verse 35. Did not the Apostle recognize that a man who had as much light as Cornelius had, and who knew God as well as Cornelius did, could be considered a true child of God? And consider verses 36-37; “The word which God sent… preaching peace by Jesus Christ… that word, I say, ye know.” Had not Cornelius previously heard some gospel message?

In any case these devout persons were ready for God’s Gift. The Holy Spirit was given to them just as He had been given to the believers on the Day of Pentecost.

Affirmation For Today

I shall rejoice in the work of the Holy Spirit wherever He is given to men.

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