May 12

May 12, 2018 // Devotional+Holiness in High Country

Read: I John 3:21-22

Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God (I John 3:21). When Faith Comes Easily

Dr. S. S. White testifies, and multiplied thousands could join him when he writes: “It was not difficult for me to believe after I had placed everything on the altar for time and for eternity.”

There are many such cases in which the witness of the Spirit follows full consecration so immediately that there seems to be no conscious exercise of faith. This does not mean that faith is lacking, but only that it has been operating all the while.

When we start to seek holiness, that in itself is an expression of our faith that God will give us His Holy Spirit. When, in obedience to light received, we consecrate ourselves wholly to God, that too is an act of faith. Every act of obedience to any suggestion of the Spirit is an expression of our faith that when we have obeyed all of His will we shall receive the blessing. Such seeking and obedience can be so wholehearted and trustful that we finally believe for the blessing without consciously trying to exercise faith.

Ordinarily our faith is thus almost an automatic experience. It is easy to accept the promises of God when we have sincerely done our best to meet the conditions of those promises. It is natural to trust God when we love Him. The Bible teaches us that our faith is “faith which worketh by love” (Galatians 5:6).

When we have sincerely said, “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give,” it is perfectly natural to add, “I will ever love and trust Him,

In His presence daily live.” — J. W. Van Deventer

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