November 11

November 11, 2018 // Devotional+Holiness in High Country

Read: Romans 2:28-29

The real Jew is the man who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart (Romans 2:29, Goodspeed).

The Inwardness Of Holiness

In this chapter Paul is speaking to people who have a profession of religion but whose devotion falls short of the divine requirements. Verse 17 speaks of complacency in our service to God. The Jews had God’s law, they practiced the religious custom of circumcision, but there they rested. No such outward forms make a true child of God. The Apostle declares, “The real Jew is the man who is one inwardly.”

“Circumcision is that of the heart.” If my life is to please God, there must be a spiritual surgery. Attitudes that are unlike His love must be cut away. The disposition that chooses my own way instead of God’s will must go. This is radical amputation. It hurts at the time and it is therefore natural to postpone the operation. But we shall never be better until it occurs. Once we place our lives in the hands of the great Heart Surgeon, recovery is swift; and there is a more radiant life in all the years that follow.

The Authorized Version says that this operation is “in the spirit.” The Greek preposition may mean in, on, or by. The New English Bible therefore translates it, “The true circumcision is… directed.., by the Spirit.” Phillips says such circumcision “is a God-made sign upon the heart and soul.” This change is the work of the Holy Spirit.

Since it is His work in us, He fashions our lives into His own likeness. Our transformed spirits may sometimes be a mystery to men. But our lives are thus made pleasing to God.

Prayer For Today

O Lord God, destroy and root out whatever the Adversary plants in us, that with our sins forgiven Thou mayest sow understanding and good work in our mouths and hearts; that in deed and truth we may serve Thee only (St. Columba).

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