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God was on my track, and though I had made what seemed terrible blunders, yet I believe

all was in accordance with His will, in order that He might answer the prayer that I made under the
tree, the day before. While I was trudging down the sidewalk, all covered with snow, I soon heard
some sleigh bells. I stopped and listened. What could that mean at that time of the day? Soon the
sleigh overtook me, and the man said, ” Good morning, Bub.” (There was that name again.) He
asked where I was going. “Going to D_____.” “What are you going there for?” “To get work,” I
answered. “Well, you are a pretty small boy to be out hunting work this time of the year — and
morning.” “You come here, and get in my bob, and go home with me, and then if you want to go to
D_____, I will help you.” Somehow I felt my fear and timidity leaving under the soft, mellow
voice and the entreaties of this man. He drove up to the walk, and I jumped in with my suit case.
We had only a mile to drive.

The man took me up to the well lighted and warm kitchen, and there a sweet faced woman

was sitting waiting for her husband who had been in South Bend, Indiana, with a load of black
walnuts for the Singer Sewing Machine Company. That was why he was getting home at that hour
of the morning. He said, “Well, Em, here is our boy.” She jumped up and took hold of my hands,
and rubbed them, and kissed me. She got some hot water, and washed me, and then set me down to
a well-filled table. She hauled out one dish after another from the warm oven, and set them on the
table, steaming. Oh, I will never forget her motherly actions toward me that morning, and that fine
table so temptingly spread, and how I did wade into those fine delicacies! It seemed that I had lost
all of my bashfulness.

But I must not fail to tell you of the blessing that the man asked as we sat down to that table.

He thanked God for sparing his life, allowing no accident on the trip; for getting so much money
for his load; and, last but not least, for picking a little boy, and, oh, he just talked to Jesus there
until he had me crying. As he said “Amen,” his wife took her clean apron, and wiped the tears all
away, and kissed me again, and said, “There now, have some of this nice fried chicken and some


of these warm mashed potatoes and some of this gravy; and she soon had me so hypnotized that I
just ate and ate. After breakfast he took down the well-worn Bible, and read the fourteenth chapter
of John. I was so wonderfully impressed that I investigated as to where it was, and that chapter has
been a great blessing to me, and I have preached holiness as a second work of grace, from that
notable chapter, until many have been brought into the sanctifying grace through it.

So you see, here is the answer to my prayer that I offered under that tree, as God had

brought me into a religious home, and the home of a staunch Methodist at that — the same as I had
been brought up in. Soon I gave God my heart in such a way that I knew I had salvation.


As this book is to treat of the results of sanctification, the blessed second work, I shall aim

to stick close to the incidents that have occurred as a result of the sanctification which I received at
St. Louis, thirty-two years ago, up on the fourth floor of a six-story brick [building], after tarrying
nine days in real soul agony, wrestling and dying out. Every sanctified man or woman enters a
school, not simply a holiness school but a holy school. Thirty-two years ago, I entered the holy
school. The first training that I had in this school was in Cincinnati, for several years. I was kept in
training for what has developed since, though I had no conception of what it all meant.

Source: ” Remarkable Incidents and Modern Miracles
Through Prayer and Faith By G. C. Bevington

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