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Rev. George Bennard, who wrote “The Old Rugged Cross,” was sanctified wholly after

coming under the influence of holiness meetings:

I shall always thank the Lord for the fact that, soon after my conversion, I was brought

under the teaching of scriptural holiness as taught by John Wesley. I recall now the wonderful
holiness meetings that were conducted from week to week by very spiritual, clear, and sane
thinkers on this great subject. The influence of those blessed hours was successful in causing me –
and scores of other converts –to see the need of a clean heart and a Spirit-filled life. I might add
that there was no great struggle on my part in coming into the experience. I saw from reading the
Scriptures, and the preaching and teaching of those leaders, that it was God’s will for His people;
and so I quietly but earnestly made a personal consecration and entered the “Canaan life.”

Source: “Living Flames of  Fire” by Bernie Smith

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