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Mr. Garrettson, while laboring on Somerset Circuit, preached at the funeral of Prudence

Hudson who was awakened and converted under his ministry in 1779. “She followed the
preaching day and night. Go where I would, if within eight or ten miles, she was there; and she
generally walked. I frequently met her in class, where she expressed a desire of loving God
supremely. She lived so as not to grieve her brethren, or wound the cause of God. She married a
pious young man after which she soon died. She seemed to have a presentiment of her approaching
end; desiring her husband to pray for her that she might be cleansed from all sin. Shortly after the
Lord so filled her soul with his love that she cried out, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly, and take
my raptured soul away.’ To her weeping friends she declared that God, had sanctified her wholly,
and made her meet for heaven. She bid them dry their tears, for she was going to glory. She
embraced her parents, thanking them for their kindness; and exhorted her classmates to faithfulness:
she said, ‘Many a time have we walked together to our meetings, and now I am going to receive my
reward!” She warned her husband against keeping slaves. So enraptured was she with the prospect
of glory that she frequently exclaimed, O, death, where is thy sting! O, grave, where is thy victory!
Thus she continued for several days exulting, and exhorting all around her, and thus fell asleep in
the arms of Jesus.” It appears that she lived in the lower end of Sussex, or in Somerset county.

Source: “A History of The Rise of Methodism in America,”
by John Lednum

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