Robert Wilkinson (Methodist)

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Sunday, the 12th of July [1767] … all within me cried out

The sinner am I,
Who on Jesus rely,
And come for the pardon
God cannot deny.

I then believed that God, for Christ’s sake had forgiven all my sins, and found that peace

which arises from a sense of reconciliation. The people of God who knew my distress, perceived
by my countenance that the Lord was gracious to me, before I had opportunity to tell them. I then
went rejoicing home, and could not help telling what God had done for my soul…the Lord gave me
grace to wrestle with Him in prayer; and every day I found more or less the witness of my

[Several months later] On Friday night we had preaching…Afterward the bands met, and

the preacher earnestly exhorted all present to look for the second blessing, and insisted that it
might be received. Now, thought I, if there is such a thing, none can stand more in need of it than I
do. But the enemy suggested, “There are those that have known God several years, and have not
attained; and shalt thou be delivered who hast been justified only a few months? — Immediately I
found power to resist the temptation, and said within myself, God is not tied to time.

No sooner did that thought pass through my heart than the power of God seized me. I found

I could not resist, and therefore turned myself over upon the seat: I cannot express how I was. I
found such travail in my soul as if it would burst from the body. I continued so till I was
motionless and insensible for a season. But as I was coming to myself I found such an emptying,
and then such a heaven of love springing up in my soul, as I had never felt before: with an


application of these blessed words, “He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his
belly shall flow rivers of living water…

In the year 1768 I was sent to call sinners to repentance, in the city of Carlisle. Here I was

much persecuted; but blessed be God, he delivered me out of the hands of my enemies, and gave
me several seals of my ministry.

[Robert Wilkinson had a blessed and triumphant passing, Friday, December 8, 1780. The

record seems to indicate that he was still quite young when he died, perhaps in his thirties. The
following is taken from an account written by one of his fellow-laborers.]

He suddenly waked his wife (who was in the room) and said, “Thou has been sleeping, but

I have been in heaven. — O the glory of God! the glory of God in heaven! the celestial city! the
New Jerusalem! O the lovely beauty! the happiness of paradise! God is all love; he is nothing but
love! O help me to praise him! O help me to praise him! I shall praise him for ever! I shall praise
him for ever!” So Robert Wilkinson departed this life in peace…

[The following comments were also written by his fellow-laborer.]

The Divine presence was with us all the way through; and in such a manner as I never

knew before at any funeral. When the minister read these words, “Not to be sorry as men without
hope,” Mrs. Wilkinson (who hung upon my arm with her two little babies) was so overwhelmed
with the presence of God, that she could not refrain from crying out, “Sorry! no! Glory be to God!
glory be to God! Glory, and praise, and blessing, be ascribed unto God, for ever and ever!” Her
spirit seemed as if it was ready to launch into the eternal world, to be with Jesus and her happy
husband. A remarkable power fell on all that could hear her; so that the people were melted into
tears; some of sorrow, others of joy.

From this time the work of God began to revive at Grimsby, and the country people caught

the fire, and carried it along with them into their little societies.

Robert Wilkinson was … “an Israelite indeed; a man of faith and prayer: who, having been

a pattern of all good works, died in the full triumph of faith.” O what a blessing to live and die a
Christian! May I also be a follower of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises! In
my life, and at my death, may I be like him!

Source: “The EXPERIENCE of several eminent Methodist Preachers with an account of their Call
to and Success in the Ministry in a series of letters written by themselves to the Rev. John Wesley”
J. Collard, Printer, New York 1837

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