Roy Tilman Williams (A Nazarene General Superintendent, 1916-1946)

March 1, 2017 // Story

(A Nazarene General Superintendent, 1916-1946)

It was providential that Roy Williams attended the Methodist revival in company with a

neighbor girl who was a Christian. And it was providential that a man of the type of Josh Sanders
was doing the preaching. But after hearing the preacher’s stirring call to seek God and after giving
courteous attention to the voice of the girl who stood beside him asking him if he did not want to
be a Christian, it was his own solemn responsibility to answer “yes” or “no.”… Roy Williams
made the most momentous decision of his life. His answer was a ready and a final “yes.” With long
measured strides he made his way to the simple altar in that old-fashioned Methodist church
standing by a country road which wound its way into the Louisiana forest. To him the choice was
made forever. It was irrevocable. He never turned back. For forty-eight years he followed in the
footsteps of the Man of Calvary without a thought of turning from the way…

Roy attended the revival meeting each night. Soon Josh Sanders began to preach on entire

sanctification. Roy listened with interest to that doctrine of which he was later to be such an able
exponent. On a certain evening when the invitation was given to seek the experience, Henry
Mitchell, the Sunday-school superintendent, went to the altar as a seeker for the blessing of entire
sanctification. Roy said to himself, “Henry Mitchell is the best man I know. If he needs this
experience I certainly do.” He, too, went to the altar, for the second time. Light had shone upon him
and his hungry heart responded obediently. The girl of his boyish fancy had again spoken the kindly
word that encouraged him to make his way to the altar and consecrate his life to God for time and
for eternity. He reached out his hand of faith and again God came to him in a never-to-be-forgotten
experience, cleansing his nature from all sin and filling him with the Holy Spirit. From that time
forward the strength and beauty of his life and the contagion of his Christ-like spirit began to be
felt by his family and friends in that community.

Source: “Roy T. Williams — Servant of God” by Gideon Brooks Williamson

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