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It was Saturday night. His thoughts were on the morrow. He was going over his notes for

the last time. God put His finger on the sermons, and the young preacher understood. He had
believed his strength was in these sermons, and had forgotten that God alone is able to save. There
was a struggle. It went on through the midnight hour. At three o’clock on the Sunday morning a fire
was kindled in the kitchen grate, and the sermons were burned. The blessing had come.

The work of converting grace began that day. At the early morning prayer-meeting he

witnessed to an experience of sanctification, and led his first convert to Jesus. Before the day
closed seven people were converted. As he used to say, God gave him one for every barren year
of his preaching. He called for a week of prayer in the church, suspending the ordinary meetings.
The attendance grew night by night. The meetings went on into the second week, and the area of the
chapel filled.

On the Thursday night something happened. Two leaders were present who were always at

variance. Temperamentally they were uncongenial, socially they were rivals, and they were
women. During the meeting one of them got up, and quietly came and knelt at the communion rail.
Then the other came and knelt at her side. Hand in hand, first one prayed and then the other. Others
came and knelt beside them. There was no rant, but a subdued sense of penitence and a sure
confidence that Christ as there. That was the first time Samuel Chadwick had seen Pentecost come
to a praying people. He was in a revival.

Source: “Samuel Chadwick” by Norman Grove Dunning

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